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Our Company
Furry Animal Kingdom™ is the leading designer, maker and worldwide distributor of handmade Furry Animals™.  We offer the largest varieties and selections of realistic looking animal figurines.

Our History
In 2014, our founder, Shu  Huang, started the furry animal business .  Since then, Shu and his associates have worked hard to build the company tradition of offering our customers with the best quality animal figurines. We became the biggest in the animal figurine marketplace. Today, with over 20 staff members and sales representatives throughout the United States, as well as multiple factories overseas, we carry on that tradition by presenting the best quality products at affordable prices. Here at our 15,000 square feet warehouse located in Baldwin Park, California, and we are ready to help you all year round with the best selection of collectibles, exclusive home decor, limited-edition items, and custom-made hand-crafted furry animal figurines. 

Our Product
Each animal figurine reflects state-of-the-art workmanship.  The animal figurines are hand crafted with great detail by our gifted artisans that bring the Furry Animals to life. They are so realistic and life like, you will almost think they are real!  Our artisans dedicate their attention to quality and use the finest time-honored craftsmanship that no machine could replicate.  We take great pride in offering this unique assortment of fine Furry Animals designed to bring original personality and individual style to any home, garden, and beyond.
About the Fur
Furry Animal Kingdom™ certifies that all materials used in our figurines have been tested by DNA process laboratories and taxonomic examination to ascertain their sources. 

Certified veterinarians conduct tests on the figurines before they leave our factories.  Also, independent forensic analysts randomly visit Furry Animal Kingdom's warehouse for laboratory testing at least three times a year. Fur from randomly selected animal figurines is subjected to a microscopic evaluation to determine taxonomic family classification. (Written copies of these inspections are available upon request).
The moulds of these figurines are made from plastic. The coverings are made from fur of rabbit, sheep or goat which were raised in a farm for their food value.  The fur is a by-product of the food processing.  These were cut to shape and hand-dyed/tinted as appropriate. 
No feline or canine material is used on any of our figurines.
Every figurine is labeled, and the type of hair used is noted on the label.  We at Furry Animal Kingdom™ take these extra measures so that you, our most valued customers, can have full faith and confidence that the figurines you purchased are tested repeatedly for content, are accurately labeled and that NO DOG OR CAT HAIR is used in any of our products.
Further, according to U.S. law, it is a federal offence to import dog or cat fur into the United States.  As a result of this law, the containers of these figurines are also constantly DNA tested by U.S. Customs before release.
Please note: We do not sell directly to consumers. Products purchased from FurryAnimalKingdom.com must be used for resale, fundraising, or other business related purpose. You will be asked to verify this information upon registration.